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Philosophy of Teaching

Because every great teacher has one

As a teacher, it is my greatest responsibility to ensure that each and every one of my students becomes the best possible version of themselves. This means holding my students to the highest expectations I believe they can meet. To achieve this, part of my teaching process is to uplift my students while providing useful and constructive comments, and to promote their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through music.

I also recognize that every student learns differently. There is no single perfect method of teaching, so it is imperative that I be malleable in my teaching methods. For me, this constitutes not only learning about my students and their needs, but also learning from my students.

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Music Lesson Information

  • Currently, I am accepting students for violin, viola, and music theory. I am also available to give group coaching for schools or extracurricular orchestras.

  • I am based in Placentia, California.

  • Generally, I drive to each of my students houses to teach them. If this is not a viable option for you, we can work out a solution that works for us.

  • View my most updated  studio policy here.

  • Please contact my email if you have any further questions or inquiries.

Music Lessons: Text
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